Aims And Objectives

  • To take steps to uplift the standards of living of the poor people.
  • To take up all issues for comprehensive rural development, with special emphasis on women empowerment, farmer empowerment and empowerment of rural artisans.
  • To take steps for the shelter and rehabilitation of aged people/senior citizens.
  • To take steps to protect and assist the restoration of Telangana culture, arts, heritage and literature.
  • To conduct free medical camps in rural and urban areas for maintaining and uplifting the general health and hygiene of the people.
  • To take steps for inculcating self – help and voluntary service among the people, particularly among the youth.
  • To take steps to improve the English language skills of the students.
  • To strive to reduce or stop the number of girl student dropouts from schools, due to socio-economic reasons and other reasons.
  • To support the students economically who hail from economically and socially backward community, especially the students who have exemplary merit but cannot continue due to their economic difficulties.
  • To take steps to provide school dresses, shoes, note books, school bags, Benches etc to the needy students particularly those who are in no position to purchase them.
  • To support Govt. Schools by extending co-operation providing nutritious food. To take steps to protect environment and to inculcate among the students a sense of responsibility for protection of environment benefitting the society at large.
  • To propagate about the Right to Education Act and to strive for the implementation of Right to Education Act.
  • To work for the protection of child rights, human rights and education rights.
  • To work for the eradication of social evils like child marriage, Child Labour, gender discrimination by taking resources as are available in law.
  • To Provide necessary Legal Education and Legal Aide.
  • To Provide necessary Legal Education and Legal Aide.
  • To do all those activities and such required steps to protect and extend cooperation to all those individuals and institutions, who are working to protect people\'s rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India, especially in the case of the poorer sections of the society
  • To undertake any other activity incidental to the above activities but which are not inconsistent with the above objects.

TSF believes in a set of core values –

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Kindness
  • Responsibility Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Independence
  • We care for all needy, poor and disadvantaged people regardless of backgrounds or beliefs.
As a social organization, our philosophy is that with our support and resources –

  • The poor, needy and disadvantaged can identify and build on their strengths and be empowered to resolve their problems.
  • Schools can move along toward the realization of their goals and uplift the educational skills of students
  • I The poor but intelligent students can harness their talents and achieve optimum level of social and educational development.
In tune with our philosophy, TSF strives to provide safe, warm and inclusive family environment that goes a long way in assuring the needy and disadvantaged in dealing effectively with their challenges and problems.