TSF & TIF And TVS Conducts Round Table Meeting (Conspiracies Going On In Hyderabad)

TSF & TIF And TVS ConductsRound Table Meeting (Conspiracies going on in Hyderabad) is conducted on 28th June 2015 at 10.30 am,TGO Bhavan Hyderabad.InHyderabad Section-8 the implementation of the Telangana , Andhra Pradesh hasbeen taking place between the dispute.Roundtable meeting held at TGO Bhavantoday On section 8. For this conference attended by Kodandaram, gingerNarayana, srinivasagoud, union leaders of the movement, retired officials.Responses to this meeting of leaders on section-8 is LIke belowAPState opposing development of Telangana as part of the government has broughtto the fore the issue of Section-8.                            - Srinivasagoud  TheTs government is responsible for the safety of the people of Telangana . TheAndhra Pradesh government to think about the coastal and Rayalaseema people.                                                      - Retired DGP HanumantaRao     ChandraBabu Naidu\'s attitude is hidden behind the conspiracy Hyderabad. -Allam Narayan  Thereare no obstacles to the film shooting in Hyderabad. - Director Shankar  Everyoneis responsible for the attacks on the government . If this is not going totolerate attacks on the people of Telangana amis .          – Deviprasad